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Do you ❤ species?

31 January 2017 | Wildscreen | Arkive

(c) John Walters / www.buglife.org.ukWe asked 24 conservation organisations from around the world to nominate a species that they believe to be unloved and underappreciated, and often overshadowed by the more cute, handsome and (supposedly) interesting members of the natural world. It is now YOUR chance to show them some love by voting for your favourite!

Each conservation organisation has written a blogpost to tell you why their nominee deserves your vote, and about the amazing work that they are doing to save their species from extinction. Once you've considered the evidence, vote here.

The winner will be crowned the World's Favourite Unloved Species – proving that they aren't so unloved after all! If you want to ensure that your species gets in the top 10, you could share your vote via Twitter or Facebook to encourage your friends and followers to love species too.

Voting is open until 23:59 PST on Friday 10 February 2017, and the results will be announced on Valentine's Day. Although all of our nominees deserve love, only one can be the World's Favourite Unloved Species.


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