Win Free Network Membership!

13 May 2021 | Wildscreen

A member of the Wildscreen community has offered to fund a full year of membership to our Wildscreen Network on behalf of a younger camera person.

We have decided that the best way to fill this place is to run a competition!

It is open to all women (including trans, cis and femme) and those who are nonbinary or gender non-conforming, who are within the first four years of their career in the natural history film and television industry.

Winners will be announced by mid-June, and will be offered a free 1-year Wildscreen Network membership, donated by an anonymous member.

To take part:

Please submit a 90 second film (in .mp4 file format) of a species near your home that showcases your passion for natural world storytelling. There are no other requirements, so let your creativity shine through!

Please make your submissions here.

Good luck, we look forward to seeing what you have produced!

What are you looking for?

Please note that is now closed

If you’re looking for information about a species, try National Geographic Photo Ark or IUCN Red List