Craig Foster

Oscar-winning Filmmaker & Ocean Explorer


Craig Foster is an Oscar and BAFTA winning filmmaker, naturalist, author and ocean explorer. His films have won over 100 international awards. He is the co-founder of the NPO Sea Change Project, dedicated to the long term conservation and regeneration of the Great African Seaforest. Craig's work in the ocean has contributed to the marine sciences through the discovery of new species and new animal behaviours. He is the first person to create a method of underwater tracking in the kelp forest. His film “My Octopus Teacher” has led to making the Great African Seaforest a global icon. 

Craig also has consulted for 5 years to the centre for early sapiens behaviour, SapienCE, and created an award winning exhibition about middle stone human origins. Craig believes that the greatest threat we face is the cooling of the human heart towards nature. All his work is about inspiring a change of heart, inspiring people to care for and regenerate nature around them, no matter where they live.

The Communicating COP26 event will open with an original pre-recorded conversation between Craig Foster & Nainoa Thompson. Craig will not be attending the event in-person.

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