Ximena Velez-Liendo

Conservationist, WildCRU-Chester Zoo

A Bolivian conservation biologist with twenty years of experience in conservation in Bolivia. In 2017 she received a Whitley Award from the Whitley Fund for Nature for her effective work with Andean bears and people. This allowed her and her team to help save the world’s southernmost Andean bear population, and to provide the foundation for a long-lasting human-bear coexistence programme. Ximena is a conservation fellow at WildCRU-Chester Zoo, continuing her work with the critically endangered Inter-Andean dry forest habitat of Bolivia, with bears and with people, to develop and implement environmentally sustainable economic alternatives. Currently she's working towards establishing a protected, productive landscape, where people will benefit from living with carnivores and be able to adopt greener livelihoods, carnivores will enable rewilding of the dry forest for biodiversity, and habitat will be restored to aid carbon capture.

Xime will be a remote speaker, participating on the Nature-based Solutions panel session.

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