Call for Entries
9 Jan - 1 May

The Wildscreen Panda Awards honour the very best in natural world storytelling craft.

The Panda Awards have sat at the heart of the Wildscreen Festival since they were presented at the first Festival back in 1982 and they remain the highest honour in the international wildlife film and TV. In 2018, the inaugural Photo Story Panda Award was introduced to recognise the craft of photography alongside that of film and cement the craft within the DNA of the Wildscreen Festival.


For outstanding storytelling through a series of 6 still images.


In recognition of exceptional new talent in storytelling through a series of 6 still images.


To be eligible, the Photo Story (“Photo Story”) Entrant must:

● be aged 18 or over on the closing date
● be the creator of the Photo Story (or their authorised representative)
● be the copyright owner of the images or have secured written permission from the copyright holder or any joint owners of the copyright

Entrants aged 30 or under by the Closing Date may also be considered for the ‘Emerging Talent Photo Story Panda Award’ which will be awarded at the discretion of the Jury.

To be eligible, the Photo Story must:

● have an aspect of the natural world as the central focus
● have a clear and connected narrative weaved throughout the story
● include at least one photograph within the story taken on or after 1 March 2018
● consist of six photographs
● not portray subjects that have been captured using live bait
● not portray subjects that are captive, models, restrained, domesticated, or being exploited for profit, except if done so for the purposes of reporting on exploitation of animal(s) by a third party or a welfare issue.

Early bird
8 Jan - 16 Feb
£25 VAT

Extended Regular
16 Feb - 1 May
£40 VAT

Submission fees are non-refundable. Entry fees are only waived for entrants residing in a least economically developed country as defined by the UN. For the current list of eligible countries see:


In addition to contact details and images, Entrants are required to submit a story title and a synopsis to support their submission. The synopsis should clearly describe the originality, purpose, strengths and achievements of the Photo Story.

Images: Six images must be submitted per Photo Story. Images must be submitted as a jpeg files at 1920 pixels along the longest side in the colour space Adobe RGB (1998). If shortlisted, photographers or their authorised representative will be requested to provide RAW or original Jpeg files for verification, as well as high resolution Tiff files.

Please ensure that you upload your images in the order that you wish them to be viewed by the judges. Please rename your files using the following format: "04_ImageTitle.jpeg" where the image's position in the story sequence is represented by a number from 01-06 and appears first, followed by the image title. Please do not put your name in the filename.


You must include:

● image title
● image caption
● technical information including camera, lens and other equipment
● EXIF details should be kept intact (eg aperture, shutter speed, iso)
● details of any post processing beyond lens profiles, colour temperature, dust spot removal, global and local saturation and exposure changes, sharpening and cropping (such as stitching or multiple exposures)
● any additional information such as details of any bait used

You may also include:

● Location

You must not include:

● your name in either the caption or image title, or on the image itself

Digital adjustments including cropping, tone and contrast, sharpening, stitching, multiple exposures are permitted. The removal of objects, people, vegetation, background features or any action that alters the meaning or message of the photograph is not permitted.


The Jury comprises of Chris Packham, Laurent Geslin, Tony Wu, Orsolya Haarberg and Chair, Kathy Moran. Members of the Jury and Chair are invited to serve by Wildscreen with the approval of the Festival Advisory Group.

Judges will be looking for original stories with a clear and strong narrative where the images work together as a set, whilst individually being of the highest technical quality.

There will be two rounds of judging. All submissions received by the entry deadline will be reviewed remotely by the Jury from which a shortlist of up to 15 entries deemed to be the best by the Jury will be selected for consideration for award nomination. Shortlisted photographers or their authorised representatives will be requested to submit RAW or original Jpeg files for verification, as well as high resolution Tiff files. The Jury will then convene to select up to three entries for award nomination, from which they will select the overall category winner.

The Jury will select a maximum of six images per nominated entry to represent each Photo Story.

The Jury may at their discretion, also select a photo story for consideration for an ‘Emerging Talent Photo Story Panda Award’. To be eligible for consideration, entrants must be between 18 and 30 years on the closing date of the competition.

Due to the number of submissions received, Wildscreen cannot provide individual feedback or reasons for non-selection of any entry.


Entrants warrant that Wildscreen is entitled to use of all images they provide for Wildscreen for promotional publicity in connection with the Festival and Awards throughout the world in all media, including social media, without the requirement to make any payment in respect of such usage.


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