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Discovering Original Stories

Stories about the natural world have never been more important - we are the first generation to understand humanity’s impact on nature and the last to be able to protect and restore it. Wildscreen believes in the power of visual storytelling to spark positive and restorative action for our natural world, globally. Bold, authentic and varied stories that speak to different audiences with urgency and hope have never been so necessary. Our natural world is beautifully diverse, and this strength will be reflected through the voices heard, tools used, and stories shared within the Wildscreen Official Selection.

We are looking for original, creative stories that reflect one or more of the following:

  • Authentic, Indigenous & Underrepresented Voices
  • Biodiversity & Climate Change
  • Effect of the Pandemic on the Natural World
  • Interrelationships between Humans and Nature
  • Next Generation of Stewards and Storytellers
  • Solutions & Impact

The Wildscreen Official Selection was open for brand new submissions of short or feature-films and even extended reality productions from amateur and experienced filmmakers via FilmFreeway

The inaugural Official Selection call for entries was open to anyone with a story about nature to share - and the submissions did not disappoint!

We received hundreds of submissions in 2020 and worked with a team of pre-selectors and programmers to curate a screening programme that features original and creative stories about the natural world. The natural world is beautifully diverse and this strength will be reflected through the voices heard, tools used and stories shared within the Wildscreen Official Selection. 


We have assembled a diverse team of international programmers for our Official Selection who are excited to discover original stories about our natural world. Meet the team spanning four continents on our Programmer Page.

Prizes and Awards

Do you want the chance to win laurels, certificates, sustainably-sourced trophies and cash prizes of £3,000? Our winning productions will be showcased as part of our film library for thousands of delegates, including production companies, broadcasters and members of the public.

The authorised representative of each programme selected for the Official Selection Programme will receive a laurel, certificate and trophy. Replica trophies and certificates will be available to order for an additional fee after the Festival.

Wildscreen Festival will also honour the best of the Official Selection Programme via the following prizes:

Programmer Prize: Films considered for this are required to have their World, International or European premieres at the Wildscreen Festival. All films entered into the Official Selection are automatically eligible for this prize and will be selected by our Programmers. A cash prize of £2,000 and laurel will be awarded.

Audience Prize: This award is voted for by the Wildscreen Festival audience, recognising the Production that receives the highest audience vote during the industry and public programme. A cash prize of £1,000 and laurel will be awarded.

Sustainable Merit: The Wildscreen Festival Official Selection Programming team, with advice from experts in sustainable filmmaking, will recognise a production entered in the 2022 Official Selection which has committed to innovative sustainable practices to reduce the environmental impact of a production. A laurel will be awarded. Please note that implementation of such practices is not required as part of the competition submission criteria.

How to Enter


Before submitting your work, please review our competition Rules & Guidelines. You can view them as a dynamic webpage, download as a PDF or listen to our audio guide. For the entry fees, please view the pricings here or on FilmFreeway.

Wildscreen · Official Selection Terms & Conditions

We were accepting submissions to the Official Selection via FilmFreeway. If you have any questions about your submission, please get in touch with the team at

Immersive Productions Welcome

Wildscreen recognises that new and innovative formats of storytelling can be incredibly impactful for communicating stories about our natural world and environmental issues to a wide audience. This is why extended reality (XR) projects are welcome in the Official Selection competition. 

Virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) productions were welcomed into the 'Shorts' category on FilmFreeway and please ensure that you make the format of your production clear on the custom answer form. The Wildscreen team will be in touch about equipment needed for our programmers to view your production. If you have any questions about eligibility or entering your work, please contact the team at

Important Dates

  • 14 April 2022 - Regular Deadline
  • May 2022 - Late Deadline (late fees occur)
  • August 2022 - Official Selection Announced
  • 10-14 October 2022 - Wildscreen Festival

Authentic Storytellers

Our Official Selection competition will act as a launchpad for authentic storytellers and their original productions, and everyone is welcome to enter. We particularly encourage submissions from directors from underrepresented groups in the industry, for example directors who identify as; part of the LGBTQ community, female, Black, Indigenous and People of Colour. As part of your application form, there is an opportunity to share how your director identifies.

If you have any questions about entering or accessibility, please reach out to Gabriella at

What are you looking for?

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