Chloë Mnatzaganian

Researcher at BBC

Chloë has always had dual passions in wildlife and creativity, right from her early years when she would make films impersonating Steve Irwin. She went on to study Zoology at the Universities of Exeter and Calgary, all the while exploring the arts in her spare time. However, she only became aware of the roles and career opportunities in Natural History Filmmaking through the Creative Access Internship Scheme - and couldn't think of another industry that suited her better. She spent her initial year learning the ropes on the well-loved BBC's Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Winterwatch programmes, before moving on to develop and research on a new UK wildlife Series, “A Wild Year”. Her current role is Researcher on a new international landmark for BBC America. As well as having a drive to educate and captivate audiences with Natural History content, she is also passionate around human issues of diversity and equality, and is the LGBT rep for BBC Bristol's Diversity and Inclusion Group.

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