Adrian Steirn Keynote

 Adrian Steirn is a photographer and filmmaker. He is the founder of Ginkgo Agency, a specialist content agency, and the creator of Beautiful News and 21 Icons. Beautiful News is a good news platform sharing positive, inspiring and uplifting stories, while 21 Icons is a visual celebration of people who have influenced the world for the better.

Steirn’s work is defined by his commitment to using visual images as a means to stimulate discussion and action around key social issues. His work is firmly grounded in the belief that conservation and humanity are inextricably linked. His films and photographs have been used for campaigns aimed at raising awareness and creating change in partnership with WWF and The Global Fund.

Steirn’s passion for conservation has been a major focus throughout his career. As the photographer-in-residence for WWF South Africa, Steirn works actively to promote and engage with conservation efforts. Recent work includes The Pangolin Men series, created in collaboration with the Tikki Hywood Trust in Zimbabwe, and his ongoing documentation of the rhino poaching crisis.

In December 2016 Steirn released The World’s Most Wanted Leopard, a documentary that charted his journey to Azerbaijan in a quest to capture photographic evidence of the critically endangered Caucasian leopard, the world’s largest sub-species of leopard. The documentary aired globally as part of Nat Geo WILD’s Mission Critical strand, which features powerful stories of the most incredible and endangered animals on our planet.

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