Emerging Talent Scheme

Emerging Talent Scheme

Empowering emerging talent for an inclusive future

The current lack of representation and diversity within the natural history industry results in many voices not being heard, impacting the environmental narrative and limiting the reach of these important messages. We feel the next generation of wildlife filmmakers and conservationists have missed out on many opportunities this year as an impact of COVID-19, with talent from underrepresented groups in the industry being disproportionately affected.  

Never has it been more vital to research and communicate original stories on behalf of our natural world. We aim to empower the filmmakers and storytellers of the future by crafting a tailored masterclass programme and mentorship scheme. We will focus on alleviating key barriers to entry which individuals living with disabilities and long-term conditions, from low socio-economic and ethnic minority backgrounds and LGBTQ community members face at the start of their career.

We need to provide additional opportunities, experiences and contacts to the next generation of storytellers to ensure that we welcome this passionate and diverse range of talent and create an accessible and thriving industry. To make our Emerging Talent scheme as impactful as possible, we ran a fundraising campaign with The Big Give and our international audience helped us reach our goals.

We also hosted a free webinar and mini masterclass with industry leaders and emerging talent to have open discussions about their experiences and advice on kickstarting a career in the natural history industry.

Using our unique position in the industry

Wildscreen strives to amplify authentic voices by providing a platform for natural world storytelling that raises awareness of the chief issues facing fragile ecosystems, endangered species and indigenous communities across the globe. Through our international community, Wildscreen Network and the world's largest wildlife film festival which we host biennially, Wildscreen Festival, we have established key connections with filmmakers, conservationists and broadcasters across the world. Using our expertise in digital video production and the industry expert contacts we have built over the past four decades, we are determined to build a leading training and mentorship programme.

A Lasting, Global Impact

We will first trial our training programme and mentorship scheme in the heart of the UK's natural history industry, Bristol, and will then widen our scope to support the global wildlife community. After reaching over 40 countries across the world through our first virtual edition of the Wildscreen Festival, and with partner organisations across each continent, we are confident that our programme will have a worldwide reach.

Not only do we aim to reach thousands of individuals through teaming up with our partner organisations, but we will have a lasting impact on the natural history industry. Through empowering the next generation of talent, and alleviating key barriers to entry which disproportionately affect underrepresented groups in the industry, our work will lead to a more inclusive industry flourishing with a wider range of storytellers with diverse perspectives and experiences. 

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