Wildscreen is thrilled to launch Wildscreen Industry Insight (WII); a series of surveys which will gain a better understanding and insight into the Natural History Film and TV industry.

Surveying will have a range of focuses and help to map the Natural History Film and TV sector and trends.

Survey Deadline: 17th May 2022.

Wildscreen Industry Insight: UK Companies & Freelancers

Wildscreen is mapping the Natural History Film and TV industry across the UK, through two separate surveys; Wildscreen Industry Insight: UK Companies and Wildscreen Industry Insight: UK freelancers.

The data collected through these two surveys will create the most detailed picture available of the UK’s natural history production ecosystem. The results will, for the first time, establish the genre's size, economic value and workforce within the UK, helping to raise the profile of the sector within the UK and internationally. 

This will be first ever comprehensive survey of the wildlife film and TV industry in the UK. The data will be complied into a benchmark report and the first in the Wildscreen Industry Insight (WII) series.

For the sector itself, it will provide: 

  • key information on sector-specific revenues
  • a breakdown of funding sources and commissions globally for natural history programming
  • an overview of the natural history film and TV workforce in the UK, including freelancers, emerging talent and collaboration with in-country talent
  • a baseline for workforce diversity across the sector 
  • impact of the pandemic on the industry
  • the challenges facing the sector over the next five years. 

The results will also help to inform future Wildscreen initiatives and funding.

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