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About Wildscreen

Wildscreen envisage a world where people understand, protect and live in harmony with the natural world. Our Mission is to use our convening platforms to create and promote diverse, inclusive and sustainable approaches for natural world storytelling, ensuring that authentic voices are heard and amplified, so that all ecosystems and indigenous communities across the globe are protected. We are currently fundraising an Emerging Talent scheme to empower the next generation of storytellers that will make the global natural history industry more accessible and thriving with a diverse range of talent.

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We're being match-funded!

The Wildscreen team are delighted to announce that The Big Give have recognised the immense potential of our Emerging Talent scheme and are match-funding our campaign up to £2,500 through the Green Fund! Any profits we receive through our T-shirt sales (from 6th April) and direct donations (from 22nd April) will be matched, to have an even larger impact on our Emerging Talent scheme.

What impact will your donation have?

As part of our charitable work to inspire millions across the world to care about and conserve our natural world, we recognise the necessity for authentic storytelling from diverse filmmakers and science communicators. Unfortunately, there are many barriers to entry for passionate young people from underrepresented groups in the industry and the impacts from COVID-19 have only escalated these issues.

Using our incredible industry connections and experience in digital production from Wildscreen Festival 2020, we want to build a specialised masterclass and mentor scheme to empower and upskill young people across the world. We want to provide them with everything they need to have the best start possible for their career in a thriving industry.

Your donation will allow us to provide emerging talent with membership to our Wildscreen Network, a community of international filmmakers that provides unrivalled opportunity and contacts within the industry. It will contribute to producing our digital masterclasses that will be shared with our partner organisations across the world, particularly areas of natural beauty where local young people don't feel welcomed into the field. Our Emerging Talent scheme will have a lasting impact on the global natural history industry by improving accessibility and ensuring a diverse range of storytellers are communicating the environmental narrative.

Direct donations will open 22nd April

Our Big Give portal accepting direct donations is open between 22- 29th April. In the meantime, you can support us by buying a limited edition Earth Positive shirt designed by the fantastic Tom Abbiss Smith! Every 2 shirts purchased allow us to provide free Network Membership to 3 Emerging Talent members. Find out more about the message behind our tee here.

Coming Soon...

The Wildscreen team are taking on some nature-focused activities to raise awareness of environmental issues and keep up the momentum of our campaign during fundraising week 22-29 April. From 10 mile runs, cold-water swimming, local litter picking and planting for pollinators, we'll be getting out and about and sharing everything on our social media. Make sure you're following us on Instagram to join us virtually!

We will also be running a taster session of our Wildscreen masterclasses open to everyone. To be the first to find out, register for our Eventbrite notifications.

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