Supporting the natural world film and photography industry

We celebrate filmmaking and photography professionals and empower emerging talent to break into the industry as part of our mission to make wildlife storytelling as inclusive, accessible and impactful as possible.

Talent Schemes to empower

Do you have a story to tell? Are you passionate about being a voice for nature?

Our emerging talent programme, mentorship schemes and internship opportunities help nurture the next generation of storytellers.

We help marginalised voices to get started on their environmental storytelling journey and break into the wider industry, creating a more diverse, inclusive and authentic storytelling community and sustainable environmental narrative.

A network connecting industry professionals

Great stories have the power to inspire the public to fall in love with and protect nature. Through Wildscreen Network we support, train and challenge the international wildlife film and TV industry to make natural world storytelling as impactful, representational and accessible as possible.

Join our creative network to connect and network with over 350 industry freelancers, 25 Production Companies, Kit Specialists and Fixers and benefit from our networking events, educational webinars and professional opportunities.

Industry Insights for a better future

In 2022 Wildscreen undertook the first ever comprehensive survey of the wildlife film and TV industry in the UK. Our aim is to provide transparency and create a more accessible, successful and sustainable storytelling community.

The survey of freelancers and production companies covered diversity, economic value, funding, the impact of the pandemic, challenges to the sector and more. Findings coming soon!