Hybrid Edition
10-14 October 2022

Festival FAQs

  1. Ticket Questions
  2. Competition Questions
  3. Official Selection
  4. Panda Awards

Ticket Questions

Can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Please email the Wildscreen team directly at bookings@wildscreen.org.uk

What is the Wildscreen Festival?

The Wildscreen Festival 2022 is created by Wildscreen, a UK-based conservation charity. It is the world's biggest global gathering of natural storytellers. Delegates include broadcasters, production companies, freelancers , filmmakers, photographers, kit companies and conservationists. It is a jam-packed, week-long celebration of natural world storytelling. 2022 marks the events 40th anniversary and for the first time will be a hybrid event, hosted live in Bristol, UK and streamed online around the world with additional bespoke virtual content.

Previous speakers include: Sir David Attenborough, Greta Thunberg, Jane Goodall, James Cameron, Hans Zimmer, Chris Packham and Edith Bowman.

What does a pass include?

Full hybrid passes, including concessions, provide entry to live industry events in Bristol and the online event platform for 3 months. Live events take place in Bristol, UK from Monday 10 October from 9am until Thursday 13 October. Friday 14th October will be fully virtual.

This pass includes access to:

  • Headline talks from industry, storytelling and conservation thought-leaders
  • Industry panel sessions
  • Meet the Commissioner sessions
  • Expert Masterclasses
  • Films screenings, including premieres and Director Q&As
  • Official networking hub, kit show and parties
  • Access to the Panda Award and Official Selection online film library
  • Online Festival platform for 3 months , including on-demand session viewing post-Festival.

Online passes, including online concession passes, provide access to the full event live streams, virtual networking and exclusive online content from the 10-14 October.

This pass includes access to:

  • Live streams of: headline talks, panel sessions, masterclasses
  • Online networking hub and kit show
  • Online Festival platform for 3 months , including on-demand session viewing post-Festival.

Additional pass types will be released later in the year.

How do I get into each live festival event?

Seating in most venues is limited and on a first-come-first-served basis and Wildscreen cannot guarantee entry to all programmed events. You may be required to RSVP before the Festival for events that are expected to be particularly popular.

How do I access the virtual Festival platform?

Pass holders will be emailed access to the virtual Festival platform in advance of the Festival.

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

Requests to transfer your ticket to an alternative person must be made in writing to bookings@wildscreen.org.uk. Such requests shall be approved or denied by Wildscreen in its sole discretion and a fee may be charged.

What is the refund policy?

Virtual Passes (including Concession Virtual Passes) are not eligible for a refund. Other tickets are refundable until 10 August 2022. After this deadline refunds will only be issued in extreme circumstances at Wildscreen's discretion. A fee may be charged.

If you are in possession of a Full Hybrid Pass and unable to attend the live event in Bristol due to testing positive for COVID-19, you can request a transfer to an Online Pass with a partial refund of the difference provided.

In the event that the live events are unable to go ahead in Bristol, for example due to changes in UK Government COVID-19 guidelines, we will convert to a fully online event. Full Hybrid Passes will be transferred to an Online Pass with a partial refund of the difference provided.

In the case of full event cancellation a full face value refund will be issued, as any booking and transaction fees are non-refundable.

Does my ticket include access to the Wildscreen Panda Awards?

No. Tickets to attend the live Wildscreen Panda Awards Ceremony 2022 will be sold separately. Tickets will be released in the Summer 2022.

Am I eligible for the Concession Pass?

During the standard ticket pricing period, a special concession rate will be available at a massive 50% discount from the full pass price, bringing the price down to just £250 VAT to welcome an even wider audience to our Festival. You are eligible for this rate if you are:

  • Under 25 years old
  • Student in full-time education
  • 65 years old or over
  • Unemployed

Please be prepared to provide proof of eligibility if requested. If you are unsure, please email the team at bookings@wildscreen.org.uk

What is the accessibility of the venue?

Everyone is welcome at Wildscreen Festival. Our team is striving to make sure our event is as accessible and inclusive as possible. In-person access details will be made available on the Wildscreen Festival website in advance of the event.

Please share any specific access requirements with us via the registration form. If you have any questions, please email at: bookings@wildscreen.org.uk

Are you minimising your environmental impact?

It is vital that we are all conscious of our impact on the planet when we are celebrating natural world storytelling. For this reason, we will implement preventative steps to ensure event impact is minimised. Wildscreen adheres to a bespoke environmental policy for each of our events, which you can read on our website. Read our full commitment here.

A small portion of each ticket purchase will go towards balancing the environmental impact of our event. We will calculate and publish a report detailing our event footprint and the steps taken to mitigate this.

What does hybrid access mean?

Hybrid access means that more people than ever before can participate in our festival and make new connections.

After our virtual festival in 2020, we are excited to be returning to a live, in-person Bristol Festival for our 40th birthday edition! This means headline talks, sessions, masterclasses , kit show and in-person networking and parties will be available for our full hybrid event passholders.

Not only will we be welcoming delegates in person, but Wildscreen Festival 2022 will be accessible via livestream on a bespoke event platform during 10-14 October. All delegates will be able to continue to network, watch back sessions and view our films for 3 months on our platform, meaning you can tailor your experience and enjoy the festival for even longer !

Is there anything else I should know?

You should be aware that you may be photographed or filmed at times throughout the event and the recordings may be distributed.

Registration includes important Delegate Updates which we will send you via email and subscription to our year-round e-news. Delegate updates contain vital information about accessing the Festival live in Bristol and the virtual Festival platform. Should you not wish to receive this information, or our year-round e-news, please click on unsubscribe at the bottom of the last email received. We will never share your email or personal details with anyone else without your consent;

Your contact details will be published on a delegate list which is distributed to all attendees of Wildscreen Festival 2022. We will always respect your privacy and any personal communication between you and ourselves.

Where are the full terms and conditions?

You can find them on our website.

Competition Questions

When is the final deadline to enter the 2022 festival?

This is the final call for submissions to the 2022 festival. Submit your work as soon as possible into the Panda Awards and/or Official Selection competition. The very last date to enter is 12 May at midnight Pacific Time, but please reach out to awards@wildscreen.org if you are expecting to enter over the coming weeks. Knowing how many entries we can expect over the final few weeks is helpful for streamlining the pre-selection and nomination jury process. 

What is the format for the 2022 festival?

The Wildscreen Festival will be delivered in a hybrid format for the first time ever in 2022. Following the success of our virtual festival in 2020 to reach brand new audiences and inspire individuals across 42 countries, Wildscreen has decided to keep online access to the festival to continue to grow the natural world storytelling community. There will be online access as well as physical events taking place in Bristol from 10-14 October 2022.

Do you offer a student discount?

We do not provide discounts for students or graduates. There are two ways you can receive a discounted entry fee; submitting your work before the early bird deadline (24 Feb) and signing up to the Gold Membership on FilmFreeway which can collectively save up to 50% on standard entry fees.

Am I eligible for a fee waiver?

We welcome stories and submissions from indigenous peoples and underrepresented voices in the industry. As per our Terms & Conditions, entry fees can be waived for filmmakers hailing from countries identified by the United Nations as the 'Least Economically Developed Countries.'

If you believe you hail from one of the countries listed above, please reach out to the Wildscreen team at awards@wildscreen.org. If you identify as being from an underrepresented group in the industry and are unable to afford the standard entry fee, please get in touch.

Can I receive support with my application in a different language?

Yes, we can currently provide some support with answering your questions in Spanish. If you would prefer to read our terms and conditions in another language, please email us at awards@wildscreen. Unfortunately we are a small charity and unable to provide translations for every document. If we receive enough requests we will consider translating our terms & conditions.

Si hablas español, podemos ayudarte con su proyecto. Mandar un email a awards@wildscreen.org

Official Selection Competition

Who is eligible to enter the Official Selection?

Any storyteller across the world is welcome to enter the Official Selection. This competition is open to amateur and experienced filmmakers and there is no expectation or limitation on the budget of your production.

Can I enter the Panda Awards & The Official Selection with the same production?

Yes, you are welcome to enter both competitions. You will need to complete a submission form and check out on both FilmFreeway pages.

What kind of productions are eligible?

Our Official Selection welcomes innovative technologies as well as traditional visual media. We welcome short and feature films, 360 films, virtual reality and augmented reality productions into our competition. Experimental productions should be entered into the Shorts category and be clearly labelled as such. Read our Terms & Conditions for more details.

When can I enter my Production into the Official Selection?

Submissions are open from 13 Jan until 14 April. Wildscreen is also open to receive late submissions between 15 April - 12 May but this must be communicated via awards@wildscreen.org with a date when the submission is expected.

FilmFreeway is the only platform we are using to accept entries.

Is there another format for the Terms & Conditions?

You can now listen to our Official Selection Terms & Conditions as an audio recording, downloadable PDF or view as a dynamic document. Links to a variety of formats are here.

Panda Awards Film & Photo Competition

What is the Panda Awards looking for?

The Panda Awards recognises the very best in the craft of natural history filmmaking. Our range of categories reflects a variety of production skills, sustainability and impact. Discover our previous award winners here.

Can I enter my film or photo story?

Submissions are open from 13 Jan until 14 April. Wildscreen is also open to receive late submissions between 15 April - 12 May but this must be communicated via awards@wildscreen.org with a date when the submission is expected.

FilmFreeway is the only platform we are using to accept entries.

Is there a limit to the number of categories I can enter?

No, you are welcome to enter as many categories as you wish. The only category which can accept an entire series is the Series Award. For any other category, please enter an individual episode. Please read our Terms & Conditions to ensure that you have provided all of the additional documents for the categories you have entered and for advice on strengthening your submission. The Wildscreen team will check your submission and reach out to the individual identified on the submission form to ask for any missing materials.

How do I share a supporting document for my category entry?

When preparing your Project on FilmFreeway, you can upload documents, image and video files. If you are entering a category which requires a supporting document to complete the submission (e.g. a Cue Sheet for Music Award, Script for Scripted Narrative, Narrative for Impact Award), then you can upload the file to your Project before or after you have submitted. Should you find that the text boxes do not let you fit your full text, you can upload a supporting document to the Project.

There are unique circumstances for the Sustainability Award (please see below). For any submissions missing a document, the Wildscreen team will get in touch with the identified submitter.

I am entering the Sustainability Award. What documents need to accompany my submission?

The Sustainability Panda Award requires a completed Sustainability Form to accompany the submission. Please email this directly to awards@wildscreen.org. If you have any carbon accreditations or offset reports, you are welcome to also share these with the Wildscreen team, but they are not required for the submission.

I entered a photo story; how will it be shared?

Nominated and winning photo stories will be profiled on the Wildscreen Festival platform and website and you will have the opportunity to share your story and take part in a session during the Festival. 

We will deliver an outdoor photography exhibition in central Bristol, featuring the nominated photo stories, during September October, which attracts more than 40,000 visitors each Festival. You will also receive the usual recognition at the Wildscreen Panda Awards celebration and associated competition press and PR.

What is the difference between the Photo Story (Emerging Talent) Award and Emerging Talent Award?

The Photo Story (Emerging Talent) category is a sub-category of the Photo Story Award which recognises photographers 30 years or under on 14 April. It only accepts photo story submissions. The Emerging Talent Award recognises filmmakers of any age who have joined the natural history industry within the last 4 years, and only accepts film submissions. 

Who can enter the Emerging Talent Award?

There is no age limit for the film Emerging Talent Award, this category is open to anyone who has started their career in the natural history industry within the last 4 years. If you are unsure about your eligibility, you can reach the team at awards@wildscreen.org

Will there be a Panda Awards Ceremony?

The Wildscreen Festival will feature a Panda Awards Ceremony during the week of the festival (10-14 October 2022). More details about the ceremony will be released closer to the time.

Is there another format for the Terms & Conditions?

You can now listen to our Panda Awards Terms & Conditions as an audio recording, downloadable PDF or view as a dynamic document. Links to a variety of formats are here.

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