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We are committed to empowering underrepresented voices and providing unique training and mentoring opportunities for new storytelling talent to take their first steps into the industry.

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National Geographic Content: Wildscreen Festival Bursaries

At Wildscreen we’re passionate about supporting and nurturing natural world storytelling talent around the world. To do this, we are proud to be hosting the National Geographic Content: Wildscreen Festival Bursaries, an exciting and diverse opportunity for natural world storytellers based internationally, to apply for fully-funded access to the Wildscreen Festival 2022.

Supported by Nat Geo the bursary will provide; 

  • Four internationally based (non-UK) individuals with fully funded access to Wildscreen Festival 2022, inclusive of accommodation for the duration of festival week and return travel from their country of origin. 
  • Twenty internationally based individuals with a full online (remote) Wildscreen Festival pass

All bursary recipients will also join the Wildscreen community through membership to the Wildscreen Network, providing year-round industry events, networking and support. 

Through the programme, we are thrilled to be supporting international storytelling talent with unrivalled access to the wildlife film and TV industry’s leading event, providing opportunities to develop their craft, network with the international industry and have the opportunity to hear from the industry’s most inspirational thought-leaders and talent. 

Apply now and join us as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Wildscreen Festival and The Future of Natural World Storytelling for a Better Planet. 

Deadline for in-person bursaries 12pm BST 23rd September 2022. 

Deadline for online (remote) bursaries 12pm BST 28th September.

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Wildscreen Festival Tanzania Bursaries

Our Bursary Scheme aims to nurture talent in the Wildlife Film and TV industry by providing fully funded access to Wildscreen Festival Tanzania 2024. 

Click below to check out the eligibility criteria and apply.


Introducing the Wildscreen Storytelling Internship Scheme!

Throughout 2023/24 we will be collaborating with production companies and NGOs globally to host twelve incredible internship opportunities; working together to diversify natural world storytelling and Conservation.

Current Internship Opportunities

Event Assistant Internship

Exeter Phoenix 
Exeter, UK

Internship focused on helping programme a one-day festival exploring a greener and more sustainable future of the arts in Exeter.

Camera Internship

VI Rental
Bristol, UK

Intership focused on learning how to prepare, test, check and build Natural History camera kits.



The Wildscreen Storytelling Internship Scheme, backed by WWF-UK, works to diversify natural world stortelling.

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The ScreenSkills and Wildscreen Emerging Talent Mentorship scheme is back for a second year working to increase diversity and inclusion in the UK Natural History Film & TV industry. We are thrilled to be supporting 26 Mentees & recruiting 26 Mentors, to help eliminate barriers into industry, and give guidance to some budding talent.

The scheme, which is being supported by ScreenSkills as part of the BFI Future Film Skills programme using funds from the National Lottery, will focus on pre-production and development roles and support 26 UK-based individuals by providing 5 hours of 1-1 mentoring over 4 months.

The scheme encouraged applications from ethnically diverse individuals, LGBTQIA+ individuals, those living with disability, womxn, individuals who identify as neurodiverse, individuals from low socio-economic backgrounds and people who are returning to the industry after a break and works to diversify the natural history industry and ensure that natural world storytelling is representative and inclusive.

In 2021/22

0 %

of mentees made career progression⁠

0 %

of mentees said that their mentor was supportive of them⁠

0 %

of mentees who were not employed within the industry prior to the programme secured a job within natural history film and TV⁠

With Thanks to our Supporters!

Empowering Emerging Talent

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ScreenSkills and Wildscreen Mentorship Scheme 2021

The ScreenSkills and Wildscreen Mentorship Scheme 2021 connected 22 individuals with passionate mentors at the heart of the natural world storytelling community. Supported by ScreenSkills as part of the BFI Future Film Skills programme using funds from the National Lottery, our pilot scheme helped emerging talent to upskill and gain industry insight; nurturing and empowering people passionate about pursuing a career in Natural History Film and TV.

‘I feel incredibly privileged to have landed a position on the scheme!’

Cornelia Lee –  2021 Mentee

‘The support offered by Wildscreen was invaluable. The programme helped develop many skills and my understanding of the industry 

Josh Raper – 2021 Mentee

‘I really valued the time spent with my mentor as I was able to discuss projects and get feedback from them. It was also a great opportunity to ask lots of questions’

Alice Whitehouse –  2021 Mentee

‘The training sessions with the rest of the group were well structured, with clear learning objectives and opportunities to network with one another.’

Rose Summers – 2021 Mentee

‘It had been my dream to work in wildlife since I started out in TV, and this experience made me certain of that goal. My main passion is camera work and being on location, so I am keen to work on further wildlife productions in shooting roles.’

Valentina Tschismarov – Wildscreen Mentee 2021

‘The scheme really has been incredibly valuable and has given me lots of confidence in moving forward with my career. Time management, planning and self reflection are a few skills that I have been able to work on and improve during the scheme.’

Sam Kite – Wildscreen Mentee 2021

‘I was thrilled to get onto the ScreenSkills and Wildscreen Emerging Talent Mentorship Scheme! My mentor is a very accomplished industry professional and I have learnt tonnes of valuable information from him already! I believe this will be a very positive step in my wildlife career progression.’

Paul David Scott – Wildscreen Mentee 2021

Malka wanted to pursue her career by focusing more on the natural world by volunteering for the Wildlife Trusts and the RSPB, this included getting her hands dirty planting trees, hedge laying and outdoor education, this lead to Malka making films for NGO’s and charities.

Malka Holmes – Wildscreen Mentee 2021

‘Dedicating my spare time in the field and being accepted as a mentee is allowing me to start making useful and meaningful connections so that I can take my technical skills and passion into the wild!’

Natalie Clements – Wildscreen Mentee 2021

Profile_0006_Mitoshka Alkova_HS

‘[Through the ScreenSkills and Wildscreen Emerging Talent Mentorship Scheme] I am more aware of how to approach networking.’

Mitoshka Alkova – Wildscreen Mentee, 2021

Increased opportunities for all unrepresented groups of people in this field will elevate the industry with fresh perspectives and programmes like this mentorship scheme are an amazing way to do that. Thanks for having me on board Wildscreen!’

Libby Penman – Wildscreen Mentee 2021

‘Having the opportunity to take part in the program is exciting; I have had many ideas floating about, but with the guidance of my mentor, they are coming to fruition.’

Kamara Venner – Wildscreen Mentee 2021

Profile_0010_Jake Lee Savage_headshot

‘I’m grateful to Wildscreen for giving me this opportunity; I lack the professional networks to help build a career in wildlife audio so this is a great chance for me to connect with experts who can offer advice on my work.’

Jake Lee-Savage – Wildscreen Mentee 2021

‘Television and film production is a powerful tool for raising awareness and instigating change. Using bold and unique stories showcasing just how incredible the wildlife that inhabits our planet is, I hope to inspire people to protect and love wildlife as much as I do.’

George Cawdron – Wildscreen Mentee 2021

‘As a queer, disabled woman, I got into this industry to tell the stories that matter, to be a voice for the underrepresented, and to create works of art that project an authentic voice.’

Ellie Hilton – Wildscreen Mentee 2021

Profile_0013_Eleanor Higgs_HS

‘I am very fortunate to have been selected onto the programme and have a mentor that guides me in the right direction when it comes to which companies to approach, how to present myself and other advice to progress my career.’

Eleanor Higgs – Wildscreen Mentee, 2021

‘I found working with my mentor to be most beneficial as we were well matched and he was able to give me plenty of guidance on what to improve, from my CV and showreel to practical filming advice.’

Eleanor Hamilton – Wildscreen Mentee 2021

‘I believe that if we bring together individuals from different backgrounds,  we can combine our unique skills and perspectives to collectively amplify the stories we tell onscreen.’

Andrea Vale – Wildscreen Mentee 2021

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