Virtual Edition
19 - 23 Oct, 2020

Wildscreen Official Selection

Stories about the natural world have never been more important - we are the first generation to understand humanity’s impact on nature and the last to be able to protect and restore it. Wildscreen believes in the power of visual storytelling to spark positive and restorative action for our natural world, globally. Bold, authentic and varied stories that speak to different audiences with urgency and hope have never been so necessary. The Official Selection call for entries was open to anyone with a story about nature to share - and the submissions did not disappoint!

We received hundreds of submissions and worked with a team of pre-selectors and programmers to curate a screening programme that features original and creative stories about the natural world. The natural world is beautifully diverse and this strength will be reflected through the voices heard, tools used and stories shared within the Wildscreen Official Selection. 

We are very proud to announce the first ever Wildscreen Official Selection films, they are... 

 A Voice Above Nature
Annie Moir
United Kingdom

Bayandalai - Lord of the Taiga
Aner Etxebarria Moral, Pablo Vidal Santos

Andrés Sehinkman, Jonathan Barg and Leandro Vital - Planta Alta TV

Cries of Our Ancestors
Rebecca Kormos, Kalyanee Mam
United States

Earth From Space: Ep 1 A New Perspective
Barny Revill
United Kingdom

Producer/Director: Mitch Turnbull
Creative Technologists and Designers: Ollie Lindsey, Adam Child, Olie Kay, Robin North, Chris Linington
Sound Design: Mitch Turnbull, Luke Reed, Olga M. Reed
Commissioner: South West Creative Technology Network
United Kingdom

Joseph Purdam

Ecuador’s Hidden Treasure
Kata Karáth, Ana Naomi de Sousa
United Kingdom, Ecuador

Eye of the Pangolin
Bruce Young
South Africa

Flying Elephants - A Mother's Hope
Prakash Matada 

Guardians of Ua Huka
Ben Cherry
United Kingdom

 Horse Tamer
Hamid Sardar

Blue Ventures, Garth Cripps, Paul Antion
United Kingdom, Madagascar

Last Wild Places: Gorongosa
Director: Sarah Joseph
Executive Producer: Vanessa Serrao
United States, Mozambique

MY 25: The Ocean Between Us
Inka Cresswell
United Kingdom

Alexandre Berman, Olivier Pollet
France, United Kingdom

Our Gorongosa
James Byrne

Pangolins: The World's Most Wanted Animal
Victoria Bromley
United Kingdom

Pushed up the Mountain

Julia Haslett
United States

Vincent Perazio

Serengeti Nature’s Living Laboratory
Day's Edge Productions for HHMI Tangled Bank Studios
United States

Sharing the Land
Ofelia de Pablo, Javier Zurita

She Walks with Apes
Caitlin Starowicz, Mark Starowicz

Sockeye Salmon. Red fish
Dmitriy Shpilenok, Vladislav Grishin
Russian Federation

STROOP - journey into the rhino horn war
Director: Susan Scott
Producers: Bonné de Bod, Susan Scott
South Africa

 That's Wild
Michiel Thomas
Belgium, United States

The Condor & the Eagle

Sophie Guerra, Clement Guerra
 United States, Germany, France

The Deep Med
Gil Kebaïli

The Disappeared
Kim Stewart
United Kingdom

The Elephant Queen
Victoria Stone & Mark Deeble

The Octopus in My House
Anna Fitch & David Allen
United Kingdom

This Land
Chelsea Jolly, Whit Hassett
United States

Voices of the Pacific Flyway
Eric Liner
United States

Wild & Wool
Phillip Baribeau
United States

Emmanuel Rondeau



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