Guide to Writing a Project Treatment

Here are some suggestions for a few general steps you can take to write a treatment;

  1. Include Your Title Title.
    A title should be something that encapsulates the essence of your story. Some titles use the characters (“My Octopus Teacher”), the setting, (“Wild Romania”), or the premise, (“Rebellion”). Titles should be as original as possible, and not sound like or be too close to an existing film title.

  2. Compose your logline.
    This is a brief sentence (or two) that captures the general premise of your film. In your log line, include who/what is the focus of your story and the situation/setting that they find themselves in. This should be a condensed summary of the overall concept of your film.
  1. Summarise the concept.
    Expand on your shorter log line, and provide more detail on how the film will play out. This is also where you can establish theme, tone, and cite any relevant background related to the conception of your story.
  1. Set up the main focus.
    Who/what/where is going to be in this story? Why is the story of these species/place important/of interest/unique? How will the story develop? Give a brief version of the possible story arcs. You want to provide a sense of who/what the story will focus on and why this story and it’s conclusion is important.

  2. Explore the story.
    Once you’ve set up the world your film will create and introduce who/what the film will focus on, you need to outline the story itself. Detail the beginning and middle and include the key moments.
  1. Impact and Conclusion.
    The final paragraph of your treatment should wrap up the narrative. Let us know what the ending is, how the story concludes, what happens, what we learn, and what we should take away (if anything). 

Your treatment should;

  • Present the story idea of your film in a succinct way and highlight the most important information about your film, including title, logline, story summary, and character descriptions (if applicable).
  • Be a summary of your story idea
  • Lay out the structure of your whole story
  • Serve as a roadmap so we can easily navigate the journey that your film will take the viewer on

Your treatment should not;

  • Be a full script
  • Be longer than 500 words