Edge of Nature: Short Film Fund

Application Overview


Please read the full terms and conditions before submitting your entry to Edge of Nature: Short Film Fund 2023.

Full details of the fund can be found at wildscreen.org/industry/edge-of-nature-short-film-fund/

The Edge of Nature: Short Film Fund 2023 is being delivered in partnership with On the Edge

Please note that applications require the following information;

  • Project Treatment – a guide to writing a project treatment can be found here.
  • Project Plan – a project plan template can be found here.
  • Project Budget –  a project budget template can be found here.

Please note that this document is an overview of the application form – all applications must be submitted through this online form and applications submitted via other means will not be eligible for consideration.

If you are experiencing any issues with this form or require additional support in order to complete the online form please get in touch via georgia.torres@wildscreen.org.uk 


Eligibility Criteria

Please note to be eligible to apply for EDGE of Nature: Short Film you must meet the following criteria as an applicant;

  • This is the lead filmmakers first film project as a Director/Producer. Please note that this is not inclusive of student projects.
  • You must have less than 5 cumulative years of paid experience within the film and television industry
  • Have a maximum of 1 Assistant Producer Credit. Please note that this is not inclusive of student projects.
  • Be aged 18 or over as of the 1st October 2023
  • Not be in full time education at any point between October 1st 2023 and November 1st 2024

Please note if you are applying as a team you must provide details of your team including their name, email. Please note that only one application can be submitted per person or group. 


Lead Applicant Details

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Pronouns (e.g. she/her, he/him, they/them etc.)
  • Email
  • Citizenship 
  • Where are you based? (city/town)
  • Country of Residence
  • Organisation name (if applicable)
    please put N/A if not applicable


Project Overview

  • Project Title

  • Project Synopsis (limited to 100 words)

  • Project treatment (tell us about your project idea in 500 words).
    Please include;
    1. Intended storytelling (format, length, style);
    2. Intended goals;
    3. Intended audience
    4. Why you are the right storyteller for this project
    5. What makes your story different and unique.

Guidance on how to write a project treatment can be found here.

  • Please tell us about  your projects connection to an EDGE species/zone (Max 250 words)

  • Are you working with a particular community for your project? Yes*/No

  • *if yes; Please describe the community you are working with, or plan to work with, as well as your relationship to the community. (max 75 words)
  •  *if yes; Please evidence community support for your project. This could be in the form of written confirmation of support, a reference letter from leading community members and/or Elders, or evidence of your long standing relationship with the community you are working with. [File upload field]
  • Please tell us about the impact you envision your project having/the importance of this story (Max 100 words)


Project Details

  • Please upload a detailed plan/timeline for completing your assignment. The grant project timeline takes place between November 2023 and August 2024. A timeline template can be downloaded here[field to upload doc]

  • Please tell us about the format of your project (i.e. genre, style) (max 75 words)

  • How is your project specifically targeted to GenZ and young millennial audiences? (i.e. for distribution on digital platforms) max 100 words

  • Expected Length of Film (min 3 minutes, max 40 minutes) – max 20 words

  • Please upload a copy of your budget below. The template to complete is available here.
    [file upload field]

  • Additional information to support your application (i.e. images, sizzle reels, pitch doc, portfolio)
    [file upload field]



  • Please provide a link to your website, socials  and any other links that help us understand the style of your storytelling

  • Tell us about your filmmaking background (i.e. education, training etc) (max 75 words)

  • Please share whether you have areas that you can foresee needing training in to complete your project. Specify what type of training and how it may benefit your project including equipment use and storytelling development.  (Max 100 words)

    A PDF version of the Application Overview can be downloaded below.